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(formerly cumberbitch-in-a-tardis) I'm just another 17 year old girl and if you couldn't already tell, I absolutely love Doctor Who and Sherlock and I am a huge fan of David Tennant's Doctor! I am also in a ton of fandoms so a bunch of other stuff will pop up too, including my love for Tom Hiddleston, MCU, Parks & Rec and Pushing Daisies.




This was a really intense moment for me 

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Cookie Monster asks the most important questions of our time. [x]

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Penn and Teller on Vaccinations - Video

And even if that Autism thing was true (WHich it fucking isn’t) your kid is still safe from these diseases.

What’s fucking worse? You saying you’d rather have dead kid then and Autistic one? Seriously Anti-vaxxers need to banished to the moon something.

preach it

This is also why shit like Autism Speaks is fucking terrible.

People are so terrified of autism due to their campaigning that they’re willing to put LIVES at risk to avoid a child who has it.

Without that fear, the anti-vaccination campaign would have never taken off.

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I really don’t have words anymore for this man just please stop him 

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Marvel film making guide

Step 1. Cast a guy called Chris
Step 2. Buff him up
Step 3. ?
Step. 4 Profit

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tumblr users outside of tumblr

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